Industry Support for the Synopsys ARC-V Processor IP Portfolio

The introduction of Synopsys’ ARC-V Processor IP portfolio has gained strong industry support. Included are quotes from Synopsys ARC customers and partners in addition to a leading industry analyst. This commentary is available for public use and can be attributed to the executive included in each statement.

The SHD Group

“Capitalizing on the tremendous momentum that has built up around the RISC-V ISA, Synopsys is evolving their venerable ARC® CPU IP core to the RISC-V ecosystem. This is something that one would expect from a market leader and Synopsys is fulfilling that label with this move,” said Rich Wawrzyniak, Principal Analyst at The SHD Group. “The RISC-V ecosystem is now much larger with the addition of Synopsys to its ranks and will benefit both Synopsys and their customers by bringing another valuable IP partner to the market.”


“As a long-term Synopsys partner for over fifteen years and a provider of Debug and Trace probe solutions for Synopsys ARC® Processor IP users, Ashling is excited about the launch of the new Synopsys ARC-V™ Processor IP based on the RISC-V ISA. The news that Synopsys, as one of the world’s leading providers of processor IP, is adopting the RISC-V ISA reiterates the sheer momentum behind RISC-V and its mounting influence in our industry,” said Hugh O’Keefe, CEO at Ashling. “As one of the leading members of the RISC-V tools ecosystem, we’re very excited to continue working closely with Synopsys, ensuring that our RiscFree™ SDK, synonymous with RISC-V, supports the new Synopsys ARC-V Processor IP family.”


“Elektrobit is a long-time supporter of open standards in the automotive industry and also a long-time collaborator with Synopsys, providing our automotive-grade products for its ARC processor IP family. We’re thrilled to see Synopsys combining its next-generation ARC® processors with the RISC-V architecture. We look forward to our continued work with Synopsys on solutions that make it easier and more cost effective for our customers to develop automotive safety applications for software-defined vehicles,” said Mike Robertson, Chief Product Officer, Elektrobit.

Green Hills

“Green Hills is pleased to extend our production-focused family of safety-certified operating systems, compilers, and advanced development tools to support Synopsys’ new RISC-V-based ARC-V™ Processor IP,” said Dan Mender, Vice President, Business Development at Green Hills Software. “The industry is seeing a growing adoption of RISC-V architectures in a wide range of market segments, and Synopsys’ ARC-V Processor IP provides compelling choices to SoC designers considering a RISC-V implementation.”


“HighTec’s automotive-grade compilers are built on the modern LLVM open-source technology and help accelerate the development and certification of safety-critical automotive grade software,” said Mario Cupelli, CTO at HighTec. “We are pleased to see Synopsys contribute to the growing RISC-V momentum with their new ARC-V™ Processor IP and look forward to optimizing our complete development platforms and providing comprehensive tool support for designers using Synopsys ARC-V Processor IP.”


“As an established IP provider, Synopsys’ introduction of the new ARC-V processor IP offers the industry a new option, paving the way for growth of the RISC-V ecosystem and rationalizing IAR’s RISC-V investments," says Anders Holmberg, CTO at IAR. "IAR's functional safety certifications and built-in code quality tools can provide a trusted solution for any application requiring safety and high integrity."


"As a world market leader for debug and trace tools, Lauterbach has been supporting both Synopsys ARC® Processor IP and the RISC-V ecosystem for many years," explains Norbert Weiss, Managing Director Lauterbach GmbH. "With its new ARC-V™ Processor IP family, Synopsys creates a symbiosis of two proven technologies that enables designs from deeply embedded up to high-performance controllers for safety-critical automotive applications."


"As a manufacturer of debug tools, we see the growing importance of making software behavior visible in complex SoCs and the need for a powerful ecosystem to help companies accelerate their release cycles. As a long-standing partner of Synopsys, PLS has a history of providing high-quality debug tools to Synopsys ARC® processor customers and will continue to support the new ARC-V™ Processor IP family with the PLS Universal Debug Engine." says Jens Braunes, Product Marketing Manager at PLS.


“As the leading provider of system IP we see firsthand the increasing adoption of RISC-V processor IP by our customers, from automotive to consumer electronics to industrial applications,” said K. Charles Janac, president and CEO of Arteris. “Synopsys’ ARC-V™ Processor IP is a welcome addition to the RISC-V ecosystem, and we look forward to continued collaboration leveraging Arteris’ FlexNoC and Ncore network-on-chip IP to deliver optimized IP solutions and SoC connectivity to mutual customers.”


“The breadth of the markets we serve requires our designers to have the flexibility to implement the most efficient processor for the job,” said Saleel Awsare, Senior Vice President and GM of Enterprise and Mobile at Synaptics Incorporated. “As a user of Synopsys ARC® Processor IP as well as RISC-V IP, among others, we think Synopsys’ adoption of the RISC-V ISA is a good addition to the choices available in the RISC-V ecosystem.”


“Our PX5 RTOS supports the increasingly popular RISC-V architecture, and we are pleased to see Synopsys expand its processor portfolio to include RISC-V compatible processor IP,” said Bill Lamie, CEO at PX5. “The PX5 RTOS offers fast and deterministic performance in a small memory footprint, and along with Synopsys’ ARC-V™ Functional Safety Processors, can offer designers an efficient, reliable solution for their safety-critical, real-time systems.”


“TASKING is proud to announce its support for Synopsys’ ARC-V™ Processor IP. Our system-level verification and debugging tools are now available for use with ARC-V IP, whether simulated with the Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kit or implemented in an FPGA or silicon. We are working closely with Synopsys and their automotive customers to establish a trusted ecosystem for the development of systems that must meet functional safety and cybersecurity standards such as ISO 26262 and ISO 21434,” said Gerard Vink, RISC-V Product Line Responsible, at TASKING.