Synopsys Becomes Fujitsu's Cedar-ESL Services Provider (Japan release only)
Synopsys Collaborates with Fujitsu to Deliver Advanced Virtual Platform Solutions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., February 27, 2008- Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS), a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing, today announced a collaboration with Fujitsu Limited to provide advanced virtual platform technology to customers as a Fujitsu CedarTM- Electronic System Level (ESL) services provider. 

The collaboration spans the entire Synopsys system-level portfolio, including Synopsys’ Innovator to create, analyze and execute a virtual platform, and Synopsys’ DesignWareTM System-Level Library featuring transaction-level models (TLM) written in SystemC. Synopsys’ proven virtual platform product portfolio of tools, models and services enable pre-silicon software development and software-driven system verification for Fujitsu’s customers. CedarTM-ESL services develop SystemC models for embedded software verification.

Virtual platforms provide software engineers with a high-speed, pre-silicon software execution environment that allows the development of system-on-chip (SoC)-related software before hardware is available. The virtual platform technology enables the creation of a software model of a complete system that fully mirrors the functionality of a complex, multicore hardware platform. Synopsys’ virtual platforms combine high-speed processor instruction-set simulators and high-level, fully functional TLMs of the hardware building blocks to provide a high-level model of the hardware to the software developer. Software developers can use their existing embedded software tool chains (compiler, build scripts, debuggers, etc.) while using this technology.

“We launched the CedarTM-ESL services to serve our customers’ need for advanced system-level solutions for pre-silicon software development as well as full-system verification,” said Takashi Hasegawa, Director, ESL & Verification Department, SoC Design Engineering Division, Electronic Devices Business Unit of Fujitsu Limited. “We collaborated with Synopsys as they have extensive experience with ESL design methodology and a variety of models in the System-Level Library. These factors enable our customers to design and analyze their embedded software with the highest degree of efficiency.” 

“Software complexity is one of the biggest challenges in modern SoC design, as it requires development and verification of software in close interaction with the hardware. Virtual platforms successfully bridge this gap, enabling silicon providers such as Fujitsu to deliver an executable model of the SoC so customers can start software integration well before the hardware is available,” said Matt Gutierrez, director of Marketing for System-Level Solutions and Services at Synopsys. “The CedarTM-ESL services are great example of an industry collaboration that enables Fujitsu to leverage Synopsys’ expertise in virtual platforms, to the benefit of our joint customers.”


Synopsys’ virtual platform technology is now available from Synopsys. The CedarTM-ESL services are available from Fujitsu.

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