Hisilicon Technologies Adopts Synopsys' Galaxy Design Platform for Low-Power Design
Galaxy's Complete RTL-to-GDSII Low-Power Solution Critical for Market Success

Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS), a world leader in semiconductor design software, today announced that Hisilicon Technologies, one of the largest IC design companies in China and former ASIC Design Center of Huawei Technologies, has adopted Synopsys' Galaxy™ Design Platform as its primary IC design flow for 130-nanometer (nm) designs. A major competitive challenge faced by Hisilicon is to reduce the power consumption of its advanced, high-speed designs. Synopsys' Galaxy platform provides Hisilicon with the most comprehensive low-power solution and enhances their low-power design capabilities.

"Low-power design is definitely the critical constraint on today's IC designs for consumer electronic applications, and also a determining factor of every project's success," said Mr. Ai Wei, senior vice president of Hisilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. (formerly Huawei Technologies ASIC Design Center). "Using Synopsys' Galaxy low-power flow throughout the entire design process, from RTL to GDSII, we are able to address the low-power challenge of today's strong market pressure. We're happy to extend our strategic partnership with Synopsys and are confident that it raises our design capability to a higher level."

Hisilicon's design implementation flow is based on Synopsys Galaxy products, including Design Compiler® RTL synthesis solution, JupiterXT™ physical planning solution, Physical Compiler® and Astro™ physical implementation solutions, Power Compiler™ multi-voltage power management solution, Star-RCXT™ parasitic extraction solution, and PrimeTime® SI static timing sign-off solution.

"The adoption of Synopsys' Galaxy platform by Hisilicon is a clear indication that customers value the superior results we can deliver," said Antun Domic, senior vice president and general manager of the Implementation Group at Synopsys. "Excellence in low-power design has become a critical differentiator and we will continue to work with our customers to improve their competitiveness."

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