Magma Dismisses Patent Claims Against Synopsys
Synopsys Dedicates Scan Chain Inventions to Public Domain

Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) today announced that it has received a letter from Magma Design Automation stating that Magma is dropping its assertions of infringement against Synopsys relating to Patent No. 6,931,610. The '610 Patent is one of the patents Magma asserted against Synopsys in the Delaware intellectual property litigation.

Synopsys also announced today that it is dedicating certain of its inventions pertaining to scan chain partitioning, contained in Patent Nos. 6,434,733 and 6,766,501, to the public domain. By doing so, Synopsys is focusing its claims against Magma in the Delaware intellectual property litigation.

"We are pleased that Magma is dropping these infringement claims," said Brian Cabrera, Synopsys' general counsel. "In truth, we have difficulty understanding why Magma made these assertions in the first place. Since focusing the claims in the Delaware case is a step in the right direction, we have decided to dedicate patents '733 and '501 to the public. In doing so, Synopsys is creating an opportunity for all engineers to use these scan chain inventions in their tools."

These developments have no impact on the ongoing California Northern District case against Magma pertaining to the ownership of fixed timing technology. In that case, the parties continue to await a ruling by the Court regarding the ownership of the fixed timing methodology patents, which disclose technology that Magma misappropriated from Synopsys.

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