Synopsys Presents 4th Annual Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Award to Novas Software
Award Honors Achievements in EDA Interoperability

Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS), the world leader in semiconductor design software and interoperability, today presented to Novas Software, a market leader in open, interoperable debug systems for complex chip designs, the fourth annual Tenzing Norgay electronic design automation (EDA) Interoperability Achievement Award. The award recognizes the success of Novas Software in making its products function across a variety of advanced methodologies, tools and languages. Novas Software was formally recognized today at the Synopsys Interoperability Breakfast at the 41st Design Automation Conference (DAC).

"Novas has always maintained a strong commitment to solution interoperability, ensuring a highly flexible, easy-to-use system for our customers. This is demonstrated by our 40 active partnerships, combined with extensive language adoption and our membership in Accelera," said Scott Sandler, president and CEO of Novas. "We are honored to accept the Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Award and regard it as a benchmark of our success towards achieving methodology unification." Novas is committed to interoperability and continually shows its dedication to that end by supporting the SystemVerilog 3.0, Verilog and VHDL design languages, testbench languages such as SynopsysVera®, and assertion languages such as SystemVerilog and OpenVera®. The company's roadmap, which includes support for SystemVerilog 3.1a and SystemC, is further enhanced by its participation on a number of standards committees and within various industry organizations to promote greater usage of industry standards. Novas works closely with many third-party companies to provide a single, interoperable environment for a wide range of tools across multiple methodologies, reducing usage complexity and learning curves.

"Synopsys understands that achievements in interoperability produce many benefits, not only for the design engineer, but for the industry as a whole," said Rich Goldman, vice president, Strategic Market Development at Synopsys. "Interoperability efforts from Synopsys and other EDA companies have resulted in huge cost savings for companies designing complex integrated circuits and system-on-chip designs, as well as EDA vendors developing advanced design tools. Novas Software exemplifies the characteristics established for the Tenzing Norgay EDA Interoperability Award by being one of the early adopters of SystemVerilog, as well as by offering standard-compliant tools and solutions."

About the Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Achievement Award

The Tenzing Norgay EDA Interoperability Achievement Award was established by Synopsys to recognize EDA providers who collaborate on interoperable design flows that benefit the user community. The award is presented annually to an EDA company that has surpassed common levels of interoperability, has contributed to overall industry advancement, and has helped provide a new view of the future for EDA interoperability. Named for the crucial role that Sherpa Tenzing Norgay played in the first successful attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1953, the EDA Interoperability Achievement Award recognizes achievements that are critical to a designer's success.

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