Synopsys Holds Seminar in Sri Lanka Providing Collaborative Platform for Semiconductor Industry and Academia to Tackle Complex Design Issues

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, September 02, 2016 – Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) today announced that it has hosted its Synopsys Seminar Series 2016 in Colombo to share perspectives on trends and opportunities in the semiconductor industry. The seminar provided a platform for collaboration between industry and academia to tackle the ever-evolving semiconductor industry with its complex design requirements and limited market windows. 

The seminar titled “Latest Trends and Opportunities in Electronics and Semiconductor Industry” featured talks and case studies on trends and opportunities in the industry and a special session on the role of academia in incubating start-ups in emerging economies. The seminar showcased strong three–way engagement between industry, start-ups and academia to promote sharing of best practices and methodologies in the semiconductor industry.  The seminar featured a formative case study by ParaQum Technologies on Verification challenges and the use of Synopsys VCS in their groundbreaking work on a real-time 4K HEVC decoder on a FPGA that broke the clock frequency barrier to run a 4K HEVC decoder at less than 150 MHz. This year’s seminar also attracted equal participation from esteemed universities as well as large Sri Lankan companies such as Millennium IT (technology arm of London Stock exchange) and Zone24x7 making collaborative learning a key priority. 

Dr. Pradip Dutta, corporate vice president and managing director of Synopsys India and executive sponsor of Synopsys Sri Lanka, said, "While the semiconductor industry is still growing in Sri Lanka, further investments in EDA tools and IP are necessary to create a robust ecosystem involving start-ups and academia to solve complex challenges. The seminar promotes collaborative learning on emerging issues in the semiconductor industry to drive the next wave of innovation,” added Dutta.

In her opening address, Professor Sirimali Fernando, chairperson, National Science Foundation, spoke about the importance of collaboration between academia and industry to solve complex issues, especially concerning the electronics industry, to stimulate the growing economy and drive forward technology leadership. “This tri-pronged partnership between academia, industry and the government is the key to building a robust ecosystem to enable the next generation of innovation in the electronics industry,” further commented Fernando.

Raja Subramaniam, country director of Synopsys South Asia / India, said, “The Synopsys Seminar Series is one of the leading forums in all of the South Asia countries for the electronic/integrated circuit design engineering community and academia. Similarly, in Sri Lanka we hope to connect the academia and the industry and continue to explore best practices as well as learn from academia about the next wave of challenges and opportunities facing the industry.”

“There is immense potential for significant growth in electronics and semiconductor industry in Sri Lanka if there is increased investment in the vertical by the government. This process will mobilize the available talent pool in the country towards the much needed growth of the industry in the nation’s high-tech advancement,” said Farazy Fahmy, director, research and development of Synopsys Sri Lanka. “Increasingly, Synopsys Seminar Series is becoming the important event where stakeholders have the opportunity to discuss the latest trends and future roadmap,” further commented Fahmy.

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